Author: Natasha

Acne Triggers

Check if you have any Acne Triggers that you may not have considered before. You might wonder how can whey protein cause acne That’s because if your shake contains dairy—whether in your protein powder or if you use actual milk as a mixer—it...

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Pigmentation is one of the hardest skin conditions to treat Our client achieved a brighter & smoother skin in only a couple of weeks just by adding the Intence C-Boost Mela-Even Cream in her skincare routine. The C-Boost also provides...

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Serums Vs Oils

Both serums and facial oils can serve a purpose in your skincare routine! They’re designed to treat and nourish the skin, but in different ways. Face serums and facial oils each have their own advantages and can be used separately or layered...

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Please stop using a facial scrub  Facial scrubs are generally a cheaper option but aren’t giving you value for money. Why? Because they don’t really do very much. A lot of people love the feel of a scrub because it makes...

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Retinol is the most clinically researched and proven ingredient for anti-aging Easily seen from the benefits, it really is a miracle product that targets multiple skin conditions. But it can be sometimes a love-hate relationship because...

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