Retinol is the most clinically researched and proven ingredient for anti-aging🔬👩‍🔬 Easily seen from the benefits, it really is a miracle product that targets multiple skin conditions. But it can be sometimes a love-hate relationship because of the side effects 💔✔️ Start with the lowest concentration and take it easy – two nights a week initially, and gradually work your way up to every night ✔️Apply a pea size amount at night and use SPF during the day (retinol makes your skin sensitive to the daylight)✔️Apply your moisturizer after application to minimize side effects If your skin is still dry and flaky while following the rules above and you want to quit? Don’t! 🥪Do the Sandwich Method thin layer of moisturizer —> retinol product —> thicker layer of moisturizer 🔑Consistency is key! Don’t give up if you are having side effects. Now that we can hide behind a mask, you can take advantage of it. Side effects will eventually diminish and you’ll be left with gorgeous radiant plump skin! Dm if you have any other questions or 📧

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