Gold Cosmetic Roll CIT


**Limited edition – comes with FREE Avance Elixir worth €116**

Key Features:

260 stainless steel needles

0.2mm in length

Once opened this product has a 12 month shelf life


How to Use:

When acclimatised to AVST2/CQ1 your Roll CIT can be used 2 evenings a week

When acclimatised to AVST3/CQ2 your Roll CIT can be used 4/5 evenings a week

When acclimatised to AVST4/CQ3 your Roll CIT can be used 7 evenings a week

Use at night time only

Pre Cleanse, Cleanse and Tone before use

Treat the skin in sections

Use only with recommended Environ skincare

Please do not purchase/use for the first time without speaking to your Environ aesthetician

For all skin types, can be used on face and body.


Acne prone skins

Solar keratosis

Areas of raised moles and warts




Brand new first time Environ users

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Gold Cosmetic Roll CIT
A device to enhance the penetration of active ingredients into the epidermis.


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