AVST Hydrating Exfolient Masque

Environ’s AVST Hydrating Exfolient Masque is an exceptional face masque specially designed to improve hydration while simultaneously removing excess oils from the surface of the skin.

How to Use

To assist in unblocking congested pores: apply a layer of AVST Hydrating Exfolient Masque, on top of pre-cleanser, and lightly massage problematic areas to gently exfoliate and unblock pores.

To hydrate and moisturise the skin: apply a layer of AVST Hydrating Exfolient Masque over the entire face, including the eyelids and leave for at least 10-20 minutes, alternatively apply over your night cream and remove the following morning.

To remove: gently massage with wet fingertips and cleanse normally with your preferred Environ cleanser.

Initially the masque will appear opaque but will gradually become translucent.

Use once to twice a week.

Suitable for all skin types.

Suitable for all ages.


Does not leave the skin feeling dry and tight and remains comfortable, flexible and hydrating throughout the treatment

Incorporates only the finest clays to deep cleanse pores and re-hydrate skin while simultaneously absorbing excess oils

The mineral oil contained in this masque acts as a decongestant to soften blackheads and unblock pores while Vitamin E, an antioxidant, has an added hydrating effect

Fragrance free



Fragrance free